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President Wife is a Man - Chapter 87

 Chapter 87 - Small Chat

Lin Zi Rui sat numbly with his eyes staring straight ahead in a daze. His heart… is so painful. Why is it so painful? If he is not so greedy, he should still be Yang Shao Yu’s friend. But now, everything is gone. 

Suddenly the door opens. Lin Zi Rui looked up in expectation but it was not Shao Yu. 

The waiter put all their ordered dishes on the table and was about to go out and was stopped.   Lin Zi Rui stood up and handed his wallet to her. "Count the money."

"But you haven’t eaten yet..." The waiter looked at Lin Zi Rui strangely and looked down at the untouched dishes on the table. 

“Count the money”. Lin Zi Rui said one more time. 

"Alright." The waiter took Lin Zi Rui's wallet.

With his body slightly bend, Lin Zi Rui slowly walked out the door. Right now he just wanted to leave here. 

"Sir, you have forgotten your wallet and things."

Lin Zi Rui walked out of the restaurant but he heard the waiter calling out to him. He took the wallet, but the waiter also gave him another bag.

"This is not..." Lin Zi Rui is trying to say that this is not mine, but he knew it was Yang Shao Yu's bag when he see it. It seems that just now he had forgotten to take it away.

Looking at the bag for a minute, Lin Zi Rui finally picked it up with his slightly trembling hand. 

Then he turned and walked slowly on the street.

Perhaps, this thought should have never crossed his mind from the start. 

Yang Shao Yu went home and felt his head was aching. His hand rubbed his throbbing head, trying to ease the pain.  

He never expected Zi Rui would have that kind of mind towards him… 

He took a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet and pour it in the cup.

It seems like his loud heartbeats just now finally calm down. 

If he knew that Lin Zi Rui is gay...

Yang Shao Yu was silent by his thought. If he knew Lin Zi Rui’s orientation, would he still willing to become Lin Zi Rui’s friend?

Thinking of Zi Rui and his face appeared clearly in his mind. Yang Shao Yu frowned as he went to the balcony. Then he sighed. Maybe he will because even now he seems to be a bit reluctant to him.

After a sleepless night, Yang Shao Yu woke up early the next morning and go to work. 

At this time, the security guard just changed the shift. Because it was still too early, he felt like he can even fall asleep while standing. 

Suddenly there was a commotion at the entrance, and the security guard squinted as he looked from a distance. Hey, isn’t that assistant Yang?

The security guard quickly stood up, but this assistant Yang seems to walk in without even looking at him. 

The security guard was surprised. How did he feel like something was not right ah? 

Not to mention Yang Shao Yu alone. Even Lin Zi Rui came out of the restaurant with a blank mind. He did not take a taxi, instead, he slowly walked home. He did not even realize how long it took for him to reach home. Only after he walked into the house and felt his body freezing cold that he slightly woke up and sighed. Was it necessary for him to fall so hard? It’s merely his confession being shot down by Shao Yu ba.

Lin Zi Rui went back to the room for a shower and then lay in bed. He turned over, looking at the dark night outside his window. He sucked his nose, feeling wronged, but there was also an unspeakable grievance in his heart. This late, did not know if Yang Shao Yu had already... had he already went looking for his girlfriend?

Lin Zi Rui got up from the bed, wanted to find his mobile phone. It was not on the table. Lin Zi Rui looked for it all over the room and could not find it.

He immediately went into the bathroom, but it was not there. Lin Zi Rui was anxious. Where is his mobile phone ah?

Lin Zi Rui went downstairs to find, but after a circle around the house, the phone is still missing. Then he simply sits on the sofa.

When elder brother Lin came down for a drink, he was surprised to see Lin Zi Rui sitting motionless on the sofa.

"Xiao Rui, are you okay? Why are you sitting here?"

"I? I am fine." Lin Zi Rui shook his head.

"Then why are you sitting here? Don’t you feel cold?"

“Brother, what should I do if the person I like thinks I am disgusting?” Lin Zi Rui leans on the sofa as he spoke.

This time, elder brother Lin was really shocked. Who was it can let Xiao Rui like him so much? No, Lin’s brother shook his head, and then he was angry. Who would say his family Xiao Rui was disgusting. Such a hateful person.

Looking at Xiao Rui’s dejected face, Lin’s brother was distressed. Is the other party so good? Looking at Xiao Rui’s dull appearance, elder brother Lin felt like raining a mouthful of cursing on that person.

But after he meditates, he thinks it was more important to enlighten his baby brother first. 

"Xiao Rui a, do you really like her?"

Lin Zi Rui nodded. He didn't know when he started to like him. Before him, he also warned himself from liking a straight man. But when he thinks about Yang Shao Yu, his heart couldn’t help but has a trace of joy. 

"When, when do you like her?" Lin’s brother asked as he never heard even a little wind about this matter before. 

"I don't know." Lin Zi Rui looked at his big brother.

"Then if you can't put her down, just go for it one more time. It doesn’t matter if you fail. At least you have tried and will not regret it later."

"Is it?" Lin Zi Rui muttered to himself.

"Yeah, go for it. Big brother supports you."

"En." Lin Zi Rui smiled and his mood was slightly better.

At this time, elder brother Lin still did not know, Lin Zi Rui’s favorite person is a man. Do not know in the future, will he regret it when he thinks of this time when he supported Lin Zi Rui to pursue others. 

After Lin Zi Rui listened to his brother’s words, he decided to put aside this matter first and go to sleep. Since he already showed his cards clearly to Yang Shao Yu, why not try it one more time. If that time Yang Shao Yu really doesn't like him, then he would give up.

Even though he had to work, Yang Shao Yu was happy to be far away from the hospital. But his efficiency in today’s work is much worse than normal. Therefore, he decided to go home and rest. But when he came back, he saw Lin Zi Rui is waiting for him. 

Yang Shao Yu’s forehead wrinkled. He sighed while looking at Lin Zi Rui who appeared at his doorstep. 

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21 Nov 2019

President Wife is a Man - Chapter 86

Chapter 86 - Heartfelt

Jiang Qi exhaled a mouthful of white gas while he stood on the roadside waiting for his pancakes. Recently, the weather is getting colder and Yang Shao Yu should be discharged soon.

Lin Zi Rui wore his white coat with a warm sweater inside, holding a medical record walking rapidly toward Yang Shao Yu’s ward. His other hand holds the breakfast he brought from home.

He pushed the door of the ward and saw Yang Shao Yu still asleep. His step unconsciously lightened as he scared to wake him up. He put the breakfast on the table and watch Yang Shao Yu's face. He couldn't help but smile and wanted to reach out and touch his face. But then he remembered his hand was freezing cold and he stops. He blows warm air to his hands and rubbed it together. After he slowly reached out, wanting to touch Yang Shao Yu's face...

At this time, Yang Shao Yu suddenly opens up his eyes taken Lin Zi Rui by surprise. He quickly retracted his hands and calmly pretending to pick up breakfast on the table. “Wake up? Come and eat your breakfast ba.” 

Yang Shao Yu put aside his quilt, and Lin Zi Rui took the crutches on the side and handed it to him. Yang Shao Yu walks with crutches to the washroom to wash.

Lin Zi Rui waited for him at the door of the washroom, and Yang Shao Yu had to speed up his actions. 

As he walked slowly to the small dining table, Lin Zi Rui already spread out the breakfast for him on the table. 

“You are more competent than the nurse.” Yang Shao Yu smile as he stares at the delicious breakfast on the table.  

Lin Zi Rui also smiles. "Come on and finish up your breakfast. I am going to my office."

"Right, I should be able to leave the hospital in a few days right."

Just about to open the door, Lin Zi Rui’s hand stops and replied after a while, "Yeah." Then he opens the door and goes out.

Lin Zi Rui leaned his body against the wall outside the ward and covered his eyes with his arms while sighing. When did his heart start thinking about Yang Shao Yu?

It seems to be from the last time he learned Yang Shao Yu also likes men? No, perhaps it was earlier than that.

Lin Zi Rui walks on the corridor with his head down. His back looked a bit lonely as he walks away…  

But why did he likes Yang Shao Yu? Lin Zi Rui’s steps suddenly stop as the question pops up in his mind. Slowly his head shakes in a mocking manner at his own thoughts. 

Yang Shao Yu can already walk around, but he still needs to use crutches. 

After walking around the hospital for a while, he went to Lin Zi Rui's office. He saw him looking seriously at something and knocked on the door. Lin Zi Rui looked up, and smile as he invited him in.

“What are you looking at?” 

"It’s nothing." Lin Zi Rui secretly covered Yang Shao Yu's medical record with a book.

"I can be discharged from the hospital at the end of the month."

“En.” Are you really anxious to leave the hospital? Lin Zi Rui was depressed by his eagerness. 

"I am not working for three months, and I was a little bit nervous." Yang Shao Yu sits down on a chair.

"It's still necessary to pay attention to rest. You should especially avoid running and don't do any intense movements."

“Intense movements? So does that mean I cannot do those things?” Yang Shao Yu raised an eyebrow. 

“What things?” Lin Zi Rui is slowly to understand what he meant. 

"Of course that kind of thing that needs a woman."

Lin Zi Rui’s heart was suddenly hit by a surprise and he felt a little painful, "Why..."

“What did you just said?” Yang Shao Yu didn’t hear what Lin Zi Rui said before. 

"Can't you find a man?"

This time Yang Shao Yu heard his question clearly and replied with a smile, “What’s good about man? The body isn’t soft and had the same thing as mine. Completely destroyed my appetite.”  

Lin Zi Rui’s body turned rigid. 

"But..." Yang Shao Yu continued, "If it is you, I might even consider it." Yang Shao Yu doesn’t mean anything when he said this sentence since he simply regarded  Lin Zi Rui as an ordinary friend. He simply put it as a normal joke between peers. 

However, Lin Zi Rui was surprised and his mood suddenly elevated by this unconcerned joke. 

"I’m going back to the ward first. I will go back to work in the company in a few days. There are still many things to do." Yang Shao Yu stood up and left.

When Yang Shao Yu left, Lin Zi Rui put aside the book pressing on his medical record. 

Caressing the record solemnly, Lin Zi Rui’s mind popped up a lot of possibilities. Maybe Yang Shao Yu can accept him? Maybe they can try it out? Maybe both of them can be together? 

Thinking that maybe Yang Shao Yu would look for a woman after being discharged, Lin Zi Rui was flustered and his heart feels a bit painful.

In the few days before Yang Shao Yu’s discharge date, Lin Zi Rui never went to see him. He was afraid he can’t speak any words to him if they met. 

Yang Shao Yu also was depressed in these few days when Lin Zi Rui disappear. 

Tomorrow, Yang Shao Yu would be discharged from the hospital. Lin Zi Rui did not sleep all night thinking should he confess to him tomorrow.

If he did not confess, he can still be friends with Yang Shao Yu, but if he said it, maybe they can’t even stay as friends afterward. 

But…. what if Yang Shao Yu also likes him?

Lin Zi Rui looked at the moonlight shining through the window, reminiscing the mode of getting along with Yang Shao Yu all these days. Occasionally swearing words can be heard on Yang Shao Yu’s mouth. It was really enjoyable to get along with him. Maybe, he can just give it a try.

Yang Shao Yu did not inform anyone he was going to leave the hospital today because he urgently needs to find a woman after leaving here.

After three months of abstinence, it is time for him to eat some meat.

However, it is unknown whether he can eat some meat or not today. 

So, Yang Shao Yu went to find Lin Zi Rui for consultation.  

"How is it?" Yang Shao Yu asked.

"Well, your recovery seems good. You can be discharged." Lin Zi Rui almost did not sleep the night before and his whole being is a bit awkward with the whole black color under the eyes.

"Great, I am going to pack my clothes and leave the hospital right away."

"Alright." Lin Zi Rui looked at Yang Shao Yu who was impatient to go through the formalities and leave the hospital.

When Yang Shao Yu walked out of the hospital, he saw Lin Zi Rui outside waiting for him in his casual attire. 

"Are you not working?"

 "No, I got an afternoon off." Lin Zi Rui walked side by side with Yang Shao Yu. "Let's go and have lunch together."

“Alright. But I don’t have extra time afterwards.”

“Okay. Just lunch would suffice.” 

The two came to a quiet restaurant and Lin Zi Rui picked up a private room to dine.

“What do you like to eat?” Yang Shao Yu looked at the menu and asked.

“Anything, I’m not picky.” Lin Zi Rui was a bit absent-minded. 

Yang Shao Yu ordered a few types of dishes and waited until the waiter went out before he questioned Lin Zi Rui. "What happened to you today?"

"Yang Shao Yu..."


"I, I like you."

"..."  Yang Shao Yu who suspected that he heard it wrong. "What did you say?"

"I like you." Lin Zi Rui feels like he was waiting to be sentenced, even his expression turned serious.

Yang Shao Yu suddenly felt a headache, "Zi Rui..."

Lin Zi Rui clenched his hands under the table and his palms were sweaty waiting for Yang Shao Yu’s answer. 

"Sorry." Yang Shao Yu frowned and decided to make it clear with Lin Zi Rui.

"I don't like you, I don't like men and I don't know how you would think like that."

"But, if you don't try how do you know you won’t like me?" Lin Zi Rui felt his eyes were hot, and quickly lowered his head.

"I don't want to try. I like women. I don't hate homosexuality, but I can't imagine myself to be with a man." Yang Shao Yu paused and said "I feel disgusted." Yang Shao Yu felt that he should use hurtful words to break Lin Zi Rui’s idea once and for all.

"Am I making you feel disgusted as well?" Lin Zi Rui looked up and said.

"......." Yang Shao Yu looked at Lin Zi Rui's downcast face and reddish eyes. For a moment he almost couldn't bear it. But he still continued, "Yes, so let's take a break and do not see each other for a while. You should think clearly about it, lest we even friends cannot do." Yang Shao Yu stood up and walked to the door. He stopped, but without turning around spoke his last verdict. "I don't like you. I don't like it right now and I won't like you in the future either."

"But I like you." Lin Zi Rui stood up from his seat and pulled Yang Shao Yu's hand, hoping that he would not go.

Yang Shao Yu yanked his hand out of Lin Zi Rui’s grasp. "I am leaving."

When he finished, he immediately walked out.

Lin Zi Rui looked at the closed door. Even Yang Shao Yu’s back could no longer be seen. He finally unable to bear his tears and let it roll down his cheeks. 

Originally he thought Yang Shao Yu also would like him. But, looks like it was all his own self-deception.


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President Wife is a Man - Chapter 85

Chapter 85 - Quarrel

Jiang Qi looked at both women in a wedding dress with confusion. What happened with this situation oh? "

Su Man Mei, what are you trying to do!" Lin Yin Yin's eyes are reddish, but not because she is crying. Instead, it was due to the extreme anger she felt.

"Oh, you asked me why am I doing this? You first robbed my boyfriend, so why did you do it."

“Haha, you are really funny. It’s not me who robbed your boyfriend. It was he who came to my door.” Lin  Yin Yin proudly returned. 

Ke Yan coldly looked at both women quarreling. Then his phone suddenly rang. After he told Jiang Qi, he walks away to pick up the call. 

"Then let me ask you. Did you get pregnant  when I am still in contact with him?" Su Man Mei deliberately increased her voice when she said the word ‘pregnant’.

The scene was on the spot stirred. This time, Lin Yin Yin really felt like crying. 

After he heard the words being said, Jiang Qi’s gaze also subconsciously went towards Lin Yin Yin’s stomach.  

Lin Yin Yin is self-deprecating. Looking at the guests watching her like a monkey, she gritted her teeth in annoyance. Su Man Mei is too powerful. She cannot fight with her but she must not let her pregnancy be known by everyone here. Right now, it’s just a handful of guests at the scene who knew. If everyone knows, then what should she do with her face.

Lin Yin Yin looks around and saw Jiang Qi, the only person who drinks when Su Man Mei invited everyone to drink the wine.  

“You! What did you do just now?” Lin Yin Yin’s hold her skirt in one hand and spoke to Jiang Qi in a condescending manner. 

“Me?” Jiang was dumbfounded with her sudden accusation. 

“ Yes, you! Don’t you know what you have done? Your eyes, is it blind? No matter who asks you to drink also you will drink it?” 

"Miss Lin, because I can't remember what you look like, so..." Jiang Qi’s meaning is that he can't remember what she looks like because he only saw her once. But to Lin Yin Yin’s ears, Jiang Qi is saying you are too ordinary so I can’t remember you...

Lin Yin Yin stared at Jiang Qi and her voice changed. “Oh, how did you come in? Looking at you, it’s not like someone important. Are you coming uninvited to eat for free ah?” 

Jiang Qi looked at Lin Yin Yin like seeing an idiot. "How can I have a seat without an invitation? Miss Lin, it is necessary to bring your brain with you when leaving the house." Jiang Qi also realized that Lin Yin Yin suddenly quarreled with him just looking at soft persimmon to bully. So, his tone also came out a bit heavy.

"You... Daddy." Lin Yin Yin was thinking about what to do and saw her father rushed over.

"Where’s Xue Cheng?" Lin’s father saw this scene and asked.

"Dad." Xue Cheng, who was hiding behind the crowd, responded.

Lin’s father looked at Xue Cheng with distaste and speak to Su Man Mei, “Don’t talk indiscriminately. You already broke up with Xue Cheng, so Yin Yin and Xue Cheng together had nothing to do with you.  

With Lin’s father’s words, everything had turned around and the blame fell on to Su Man Mei. She should not come to trouble since they already broke up. 

"I have said before, I and Xue Cheng have not broken up when Lin Yin Yin is pregnant with Xue Cheng's child." Su Man Mei satirized with a smile on her face.

“I know. Isn’t it because you want Xue Cheng to give you a break-up fee. You don’t have to come here and ruined my daughter’s wedding because of it. I will give you the money and please don’t do this kind of thing in the future.” 

Su Man Mei listened to Lin’s father shamelessly distorting the black into white and she was so angry that she failed to refute him in time. 

And Lin’s father did not give Su Man Mei any more chances to speak. He quickly called out the security and drive her out of the banquet. 

The security pulled Su Man Mei’s hand and force her out of the scene. 

“Wait a minute.” Lin’s father called out to the security to stop. 

"You also go out. I don't welcome someone who is blind until you can't even recognize people."

Jiang Qi frowns, "If this how Lin shows his hospitality, then I am learned."

Jiang Qi stands up to walk away. 

“Wait.” Ke Yan walked in just as he finished the phone call and in time to hear both of their conversations. 

With his cold face, he walks to Lin’s father without leaking any other emotion on his expression. “Mr.Lin, your hospitality really let me open up my eyes.” 

“President Ke?” Lin’s heart was tight. Right now they are cooperating with Ke Group and he did not know what he had done to make Ke Yan so angry. 

“Since you had not solved this problem properly, I will go back with my friend first. I wish you luck in taking care of the problem.” Ke Yan pulled Jiang Qi’s hand to go back but when they are going to pass by Lin Yin Yin, he saw she was looking at Jiang Qi with spiteful eyes. Ke Yan kicked a chair near Lin Yin Yin to fly and she was shocked until her whole body trembled in fear. 

Ke Yan pulled Jiang Qi's hand and walked out while loosening his tie.

Jiang Qi went closer to Ke Yan and helps him to take off the tie. 

“How are you so fierce and completely torn the old fellow Lin’s face?” 

Ke Yan turned to look at Jiang Qi, "Old fellow Lin?"

TLN: ่€ๅคด lวŽo tรณu - n. old fellow (with disrespect)

"Who told him to be so rude."

“Let’s go and eat something. Eating here just making my stomach hurts.” 

Both of them got into the car to find something to eat. 

A few days after, Ke Xin is playing golf. 

"President Ke." Someone called Ke Xin.

"Now Ke’s president is my son." Ke Xin continues to play without even turning his head.

“Is it? That day on my daughter’s wedding day, President Ke’s temper really fierce. It was….” The person who is complaining right now is  Lin’s father. He shakes his head halfway through his conversation. 

Ke Xin turned around and looked at Lin’s father, “Is your mouth owed?” 

Ke Xin had not cooperated with Lin’s father before, but he also heard that his mouth was unpleasant.

Old man Lin almost forgot about Ke Xin’s temper. His mouth was known to be poisonous and his attitude was arrogant. When he spoke, it almost made you want to vomit blood.

“Humph.” Lin’s father turned around and walk away. Behind him, he heard Ke Xin’s voice asking a question. “Don’t play?” 

Lin’s footsteps stopped. He forgot he was coming to play today, but right now he really has no heart to continue.  

Ke Xin took a shot and then shook his head. Ke Yan had his style when he was young.

Ke Xin returned to the house. When he was eating, he suddenly remembered Ke Yan and his friend that he saw when eating barbecue last time. He seems to hear Ke Yan called him Jiang Qi?

"Do you know Jiang Qi?"

"Cough." Lan Ru Yin was caught by surprise with the question.

Ke Xin quickly poured a glass of water for Lan Ru Yin.

"How do you know Jiang Qi?" Lan Ru Yin asked after she took a sip.

“I met him that day when I bring the little fat guy to eat barbecue outside.” Ke Xin was surprised by Lan Ru Yin’s big reaction. 

“Oh, they are friends.” Lan Ru Yin casually said. 

Ke Xin looked at Lan Ru Yin and continued to eat. It seems that the affair concerning Jiang Qi does not seem to be simple.

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President Wife is a Man - Chapter 84

Chapter 84 - Wedding Banquet Joke

“Come to eat barbeque?” Ke Xin, Ke Yan’s father asked him. 

"En. Did you bring the little fatty to eat?" Ke Yan also stood up as his father came.

"En. This is?" after he answered Ke Yan’s question, Ke Yan’s father shifted his eyes to Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi felt nervous and his heart seems to beat a little faster. He quickly stood up and greeted Ke Yan’s father. “ Hello, how are you.” 

Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi looking nervous, quickly appeased him by putting his hand on Jiang Qi's back.

Ke Xin frowned and he suddenly remembered where he had seen Jiang Qi. It was the one who fell down at the airport yesterday.

"Hello." Ke Xin nodded to Jiang Qi. Seeing his son's action just now, they seem to have a good relationship.

"Do not bother you. Next time you go home only we talk." Ke Xin finished speaking and he sat back on the table with the little fat guy.

Jiang Qi sat back stiffly. 

"So nervous?" Ke Yan put the remaining grilled meat into the Jiang Qi’s plate.

Jiang Qi peeked at Ke Yan’s father once again and said. “Who would have thought we would stumble upon your father when eating a barbeque.”

“It’s a very good coincidence.” Ke Yan nodded.

At the other table, Ke Xin is pouring water for the little fat guy and his eyes fall to Jiang Qi's body. 

Both people had not many things to eat anymore. So, soon they were ready to go. Before they went back,  they go to Ke Yan’s father and said goodbye. 

Back home, Jiang Qi took out the suit he just bought and wanted to hang it up.

He found that there’s another bag except for the one that he bought. When he opened the bag, he saw the white suit he had tried before. 

"Ke Yan, Ke Yan." Jiang Qi went downstairs looking for Ke Yan. Ke Yan sat in the living room to read his mail.

"What's wrong?" Ke Yan put down the computer.

"When did you buy the white suit. Why I didn't see it when you paid the money?"

"I let them wrapped it out when you tried the black suit."

"Then, what set should I wear the day after tomorrow." Jiang Qi deliberately asked Ke Yan.

"Do not wear this white suit outside." Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi.

"Then, why did you buy it?" Jiang Qi sat next to Ke Yan.

“So, in this case… then let you wear it when you follow me back to see my parents ba.” 

Speaking of his parents, Jiang Qi remembered what happened at the airport yesterday and told Ke Yan about it.

Ke Yan listened and smiled. "I didn't expect it to be so clever."

Jiang Qi also nodded. "Fortunately, my performance yesterday should not be too bad."

Ke Yan touched Jiang Qi’s head and say. "You are very good. My father will like you, so don't worry."

Jiang Qi did not say, but his heart has been very tight since he saw Ke Yan’s father tonight.

Jiang Qi smiles and leaned his head on Ke Yan’s shoulders. "I have you, I am not afraid."

Ke Yan put his hand around Jiang Qi's shoulder. The two men leaned on the sofa for a while. Ke Yan suddenly stood up and picked up Jiang Qi in his arms and walk upstairs. "My wife, let’s go up and take a bath together.” 

“You are the wife! You this old rogue.” 

“Dare to say I’m old. Let’s see how you can still speak in a moment.”

Ke Yan put Jiang Qi into the bathtub and open the hot water.

Next... of course they are enjoying their mandarin duck bath together. 

Soon it was the day of Xue Cheng’s wedding banquet. Because it was held at night, both of them went there together after they finish their work at the company. 

They had selected one of the best hotels in the city for the wedding banquet and it was located at the sixth floor of the hotel. 

The sixth floor has been decorated beautifully with balloons, flowers and other ornaments.

"I heard that the bride is very beautiful." Jiang Qi and Ke Yan walked into the lobby and sent their gifts.

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi, "How do you know?"

"Listened to the guests at the door spoke just now."

"Even if she is ugly, she will be praised as a fairy in front of her parents."

Jiang Qi was teased by Ke Yan’s speech and then he saw Xue Cheng coming over from inside the hall. 

Smoothing over his awkward expression, he immediately sent his congratulatory to Xue Cheng.  

Xue Cheng returned with a smile, "Thank you for coming. Let’s eat and drink well today."

Jiang Qi smile and nodded, "Of course, we definitely will."

“President Ke, I didn’t think you would give me the honor. Thank you for coming.” 

"En." Ke Yan nodded.

"Right..." Xue Cheng still wanted to say something but he was suddenly interrupted by the ring of a phone call. Xue Cheng smiled apologetically and then picked up the phone.

Do not know what has been said on the phone, after listening to it Xue Cheng's face immediately turned ugly.

"Didn’t we talked about it before? Tonight don't come over." Xue Cheng was obviously irritated by the person on the other side of the phone, and his voice immediate raised an octave.

After he unexpectedly shouted, Xue Cheng immediately realized his blunder and immediately trying to smooth out the situation. “Forgive me, please don’t mind my rudeness just now.”  

After he spoke, he went away directly while still talking on the phone. Jiang Qi looked at Xue Cheng’s back curiously, wondering what’s the story behind the call. 

Leaving the incident far behind, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan went inside the wedding hall banquet to their designated seat. Then they waited for the wedding ceremony to begin. 

It didn’t take long before all the guest arrives. When the time comes, the bride appeared walking with his father step by step to the bridegroom until her hands were handed over to him. 

Then both of them swore their oath, exchanged the ring, and the groom finally kissed the bride.

Jiang Qi looked at the two newlyweds kissing on the stage, and spoke to Ke Yan, "She's  really not as beautiful as they boasted."

Jiang Qi’s voice was slightly lower because there are others seated at the same table as them. 

Ke Yan think Jiang Qi’s expression as he spoke to him was quite amusing. Looking at his face showing such a rare expression, his heart really itchy and wanted to pull him for a  kiss.

After the bride went to change the dress, everyone ate the food served. Jiang Qi also eating while slightly nodded in satisfaction.

Looking at his behavior, Ke Yan secretly noted in his heart to bring Jiang Qi to eat in this hotel next time. 

"How come the bride and the groom has not come out to toast?" A lady sat at the same table as Jiang Qi chatted casually.

As a result of her question, everyone started to be curious on the missing newlyweds. Since it has been so long, they should have come out to greet the guests to drink.

Just as they are thinking about it, everyone saw the bride in a white wedding dress pulling the groom out to toast.

Looking at the bride’s gorgeous wedding dress, Jiang Qi was dumbfounded. He thought the bride would change to a more convenient clothes. 

Because when his brother and sister in law married, they changed to more simple clothes before they went to toast the wine with the guests. 

Because the bride's lounge is closer to their table, the bride first came to them.

Xue Cheng was anxious to die trying to pull Su Man Mei away, “Can you please not to create trouble. If Yin Yin comes out and see you, it’s over!”

Su Man Mei’s face was cold and an ironic smile appeared on her face as she listened to Xue Cheng. “Pei! You should know that one day I would give you trouble after you broke up with me because of her. Do you have anything to be afraid of? Big deal, the worst result you will end up being tossed away like me ba.” 

Right at this moment, Xue Cheng can’t wait to give this woman a slap. It’s only today everyone would recognize him as the son in law of the Lin’s family and it can be ruined by her. 

At first, Su Man Mei never think to be this ugly. How could she possibly think to come and create this kind of trouble. 

However, when she knew Lin Yin Yin is pregnant with Xue Cheng’s child she became suspicious. After she calculated it, she found that Xue Cheng has impregnated Lin Yin Yin while still in a relationship with her and when she is pregnant, he immediately cut off the relationship with her. 

Su Man Mei drag Xue Cheng to Jiang Qi’s table for a toast. She poured a cup of red wine and then give Xue Cheng a cup. Then she greets everyone, "I welcome everyone to attend the wedding. I will respect everyone with this cup."

Everyone sitting at the table involved in business. When they look at the bride, they know that she is not the same one who swore just now. They looked at each other inexplicably, and they didn’t raise up their cup.

Apart from Jiang Qi and Ke Yan, that is. 

Jiang Qi is because of his face blindness. Just looking at a person one time from afar, for him who knew which is which. 

While for Ke Yan, he didn’t even see the bride's face at all just now.

But personally it doesn’t matter if she is the bride or not, he just doesn't want to drink the wine. Even a sip of wine didn’t pass his lips. 

Jiang Qi drink a bit and then found that everyone did not move their cup. Ke Yan also frowned and found that something is wrong. He didn’t want Jiang Qi alone in the situation so he quickly picked up the cup and drank it as well.

When Lin Yin Yin came out, she just saw this scene and she came over with anger. Xue Cheng’s face was ugly as he stayed rooted in the same place. This time, everyone was eager for a good show.

Author’s note : (About Ke Yan’s father, I will write this small interaction first. Afterwards, Ke Yan’s father will slowly notice Jiang Qi’s existence.)


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24 Sep 2019

President Wife is a Man - Chapter 83

Chapter 83 - Buying Clothes

The next day, Jiang Qi went to work in a depressed mood. In the morning, he had a meeting that lasted the whole morning. Then he continues to work as usual in the afternoon. When the day works are over, Jiang Qi decided to go and visit Yang Shao Yu.

Yang Shao Yu is resting on the bed while eating oranges and watch TV. Looking at him can see how moisturize and leisurely his life have been.

Jiang Qi sit next to his bed, took an orange to peel and eat it afterward.

Yang Shao Yu looked at Jiang Qi’s face and saw something wrong with him and asked, “ What’s wrong? Ke Yan bullied you ah?”

"Nope, I am thinking about how to counter-attack Ke Yan." Jiang Qi ate an orange and felt it was pretty sweet.

Yang Shao Yu was stunned by Jiang Qi’s answer  for a while. "You want to counter-attack Ke Yan?"

“En… but I failed.”

“ It would have been weird if you succeeded.”

“Originally it should have been successful.” Jiang Qi sulked and pouted.

“Then at the final moment, you didn’t dare to do it right?” Yang Shao Yu laugh at him.

"How do you know!" Jiang Qi was surprised.

“This is the struggling mentality of a ‘zero’. Wanted to counter-attack but having a thin-skinned ba. Then, do you still think you can counter-attack? So… just stayed as a ‘zero’ and do your job properly ba.”  

"Humph, you know quite a lot about this thing ba." Jiang Qi wrinkled his nose.

“Of course. I deal with both man and woman ah.”

"Cut! You’re not afraid of getting sick ba."

“Although my heart is full of flowers, I don’t go to bed with all of them ah.” As Yang Shao Yu spoke, he looked outside because he seems to see someone is outside the door.

Outside, Lin Zi Rui holds a medical record hid on the other side of the doorway. Deal with both men and women? Then, he should be able to accept a man right? He was so nervous when he heard their conversation that he automatically hid as Yang Shao Yu looked at the door. After he quickly hid, he had no courage to go in and immediately escape.

Looking at Yang Shao Yu’s eyes watching the door, Jiang Qi also followed and looked at it. No one ah. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing. It seems like someone was there just now.”

“There’s no one ah. Maybe you got it wrong. Oh yeah, where’s Doctor Lin?”

"Zi Rui?" Yang Shao Yu smiled.

"Zi Rui? Are you very familiar with him ah."

Yang Shao Yu coughed awkwardly and rushed Jiang Qi to go back. “You better go back right now. If not Ke Yan would come in a while to arrest you back.”

"Then, I will go back first. You should take care of your legs properly, so you can come back to work soon."

"You are really more and more similar to Ke Yan."

Jiang Qi just walked out and saw Ke Yan not far from him. Smiling, he was ready to run over when his back felt a burning pain. Ah, to die. The action was pretty big that he felt the pain that keeps him frozen at the same place.

Ke Yan came over when he saw Jiang Qi suddenly motionless. "What’s wrong?”  

"No, nothing."

"Behind hurts?" Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi refused to say and guessed.

"Um, just go straight to the car ba." Jiang Qi was led by Ke Yan and walked to the car.

Sitting inside the car, Jiang Qi fastened the seat belt. Jiang Qi looked out of the window as the car moves. He saw several wedding cars drove by. Jiang Qi looked at the wedding car and he had a feeling as if he has forgotten something.

"Right, when is the date Xue Cheng got married." Jiang Qi finally remembered what he had forgotten. Xue Cheng gave him the wedding invitation did not know where to go.

“Don’t know.” Obviously even Ke Yan also had forgotten about this matter.

“When you met Xue Cheng, he didn’t say anything about his wedding ba?”

"It seems like he said it." Ke Yan remembered Xue Cheng had said something about it, but he didn’t take that matter as important.  

"Let me see if I can find it." Jiang Qi finally found the wrinkled wedding invitation inside his briefcase.

"It is the day after tomorrow." Jiang Qi looked at the date above.

"Hmm." Ke Yan suddenly turned the direction of the car to another way, "Let's go buy clothes together."

“What clothes?”

“For the wedding banquet.”

Even though it was said together to buy clothes, in fact, it is mainly for Jiang Qi alone.

Ke Yan brought Jiang Qi to a suit shop. Jiang Qi looked at the suits in various styles. "Isn't it a lot of suits?"

"How about this?" Ke Yan took a white suit.

“The style is a bit extravagant.” Looking at the suit, Jiang Qi felt it is something a groom would wear.

“Try and wear it.” He really wants to see Jiang Qi wearing this suit.

"Alright." Jiang Qi took the clothes and went into the changing room.

Ke Yan continued to look at the suit in the store while the employee of the store followed behind with eyes full of Ke Yan. This man is really handsome!

Jiang Qi went out of the changing room wearing the white suit. Ke Yan’s eyes cannot stop looking at him. He cannot describe how exquisite Jiang Qi’s appearance in this white suit.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Jiang Qi was uncomfortable being stared at by Ke Yan.

“Looks really good.” Ke Yan walks to Jiang Qi with a wide smile on his face.

Jiang Qi's face is a bit red.

Ke Yan took the bow tie that the employee handed over and wanted to tie it for Jiang Qi.

"Change to other. It's not me that getting married." Jiang Qi stopped Ke Yan.

Ke Yan change the bow tie to a tie when he heard Jiang Qi’s request.

"I will come by myself."

"I will help you." Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi to tie his tie, then he stepped back to see Jiang Qi.

"You want me to wear this set the day after tomorrow?" Jiang Qi looked at his appearance wearing the white suit in the mirror.

"No, wear something else." Ke Yan originally wanted Jiang Qi to wear this set of suit to attend the banquet, but he immediately repented. He doesn't want to let such a good-looking Jiang Qi to be seen by others.

Jiang Qi listened to Ke Yan and went back to the changing room to change clothes.

Finally, Jiang Qi bought a black suit.

Since the two of them had not eaten dinner yet, so they decided to eat out before they go back. Passing through a barbecue restaurant, Jiang Qi cannot help but look at it for a second.

Ke Yan pinched Jiang Qi’s hand and asked, "Want to eat?"

“En.” Jiang Qi looked at the restaurant with a couvetous face.

"Then eat a little bit ba." Ke Yan opened the restaurant’s door.

Jiang Qi quickly rushed in, scared that Ke Yan would suddenly regret it.

Both of them point for a few things only and Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi to roast the meat for him to eat.

Jiang Qi is drinking when he saw the back of a familiar person sitting just behind Ke Yan.

It’s the back of a child, a little fat boy. Wait a minute, a little fat boy?Oh yeah, isn’t this the little fat guy that he met at the airport that day?

The little fat boy sat alone while eating the barbecue. After a while, a man came and sat in front of the little fat boy. Maybe he just went to the bathroom.

Jiang Qi looked at the man with a silly stupid look. The man’s face made him feel familiar. Just like, like...

Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan sitting in front of him. Right! Isn't he similar to Ke Yan?

Ke Yan roasted the meat and saw Jiang Qi is looking intently at someone behind him. Ke Yan also turned to see what he was seeing and unconsciously blurted out, "Dad?"

Dad? Really... really is Ke Yan’s father? No wonder he looks so familiar, the two of them really look alike.

No, not right. Right now it’s not the question how similar their faces are. The main thing is Ke Yan’s father is sitting right next to their table.

And when Ke Yan’s father heard Ke Yan’s voice, he stood up and walked over to their table.

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12 Sep 2019

President Wife is a Man - Chapter 82

Chapter 82 - To Counter-attack Ke Yan?

Jiang Qi stayed for another two days before he finally returned with a good contract.

It has been raining for days and Jiang Qi is waiting for the car outside the airport with his luggage.

Li Jing stood by his side silently while Sun Ye looked at the rain, whining. "Why did I feel like this rain won’t stop for a very long time?”

“You should hold your tongue. To be honest, it has been raining non-stop from the beginning.” Li Jing also felt rather annoyed looking at the rain. Sun Ye continues to speak.

“Alright, alright, alright... Li Jie( sister Li) I will shut up now.” Sun Ye immediately jokes.

Jiang Qi smiled and walked forward. Suddenly a child ran over and hit Jiang Qi. The child was quite fat and because he was rather heavy, after he hit Jiang Qi he nearly tumbled over.

Because Jiang Qi carries his suitcase on one hand, he could only pull the child back with another hand. He never expected his action would land him on his ass and the child also fell directly on his leg.

The fat child got up and he was shy as he says sorry to Jiang Qi, "Brother, thank you." After he paused, he continues to say: "I am so fat that I drag you down." The little fat boy is still conscientious about his body.

Jiang Qi also got up and patted his buttocks. Then he felt his hands were wet and muddy. Because it was raining, everyone came into the airport with their shoes full of dirt. So the formerly spotless floor of the airport was tainted with muddy footprints and rainy water.

Luckily Jiang Qi was wearing a long coat. So his pants were not dirty but the coat became unwearable.

“It’s alright. Next time be more careful when you walk okay.” Jiang Qi wipes his hands on the dirty coat while talking to the boy.

"I’m sorry sir, the child is naughty." Suddenly Jiang Qi heard a beautiful magnetic voice talking to him.

Jiang Qi turned around and was surprised to see the person...how, how come this person looks a little bit like him?

"I will compensate you for your clothes." The man spoke once again.

"No, no need, just a small matter." Jiang Qi shook his head and said: "I’ll take my leave first." Then he took his suitcase from Li Jing’s hand.

The man holding the chubby child didn't say anything more. Jiang Qi walked away and heard the voice of the little chubby boy behind him. "Uncle, let's go."

Jiang Qi turned to ask Sun Ye, "Did you get a taxi?"

“Not yet.” When it’s raining, the taxi will always be in high demand.

“Then just wait for a while ba.”

"Manager, do you want to change your clothes in the bathroom." Li Jing pointed to the stains on Jiang Qi’s clothes.

"No, I will go home and change it again." Jiang Qi looked down at the stain on his clothes.

"Jiang Qi." A familiar voice called.

Jiang Qi looked up. "How are you here?"

"Looking at the bad weather, I am not at ease. That’s why I come to pick you up."

Ke Yan walked out of the car with an umbrella. He stops right in front of Jiang Qi and gave two umbrellas to Li Jing and Sun Ye.

With the umbrella, they put their luggage in the rear compartment of the car. Ke Yan and Jiang Qi were using the same umbrella and after putting his suitcase Ke Yan went to sit at the driver seat. Jiang Qi went to sit at the co-driver seat. But before he sits, he thought of something and took his jacket off before he sat on it.

Ke Yan close the door and asked Jiang Qi, “Did you fell just now?”

"Yeah, I was helping a child and accidentally fell myself." Jiang Qi smile as he said.

"You ah." Ke Yan smiled and shook his head helplessly. Then he wanted to open the heating and was stopped by Jiang Qi, "It’s not even cold, there’s no need to add up to the heating."

Listening to Jiang Qi, Ke Yan stops his intention but instead, he took off his coat and gave it to Jiang Qi.

Nowadays the weather is getting colder. Even wearing a piece of clothing inside the house would inevitably feel chilly.

Jiang Qi took the coat from Ke Yan and dared not to look back at the people seated behind. He was afraid to see Li Jing and Sun Ye looking at him strangely.

Li Jing looked at the interaction between Ke Yan and Jiang Qi with stunned eyes. Is this person their Mr.President? How come the boss treated Manager Jiang as such…. Ah, how to say it? How do you describe this wonderful thing ah?

Oh yeah... it seems that Manager Jiang is a friend of the president, but... it still feels like something is wrong somewhere ah...

Eventually, Li Jing feels this affair is so messy that she didn't want to think about it anymore. So she turned her head and looked out of the window.

On the other hand, Sun Ye was not as calm as Li Jing. He was actually sitting on the car driven by President ah! A business trip that totally worth it! Sun Ye rejoicing as his eyes shining with gossip as he watches the interaction of Ke Yan and Jiang Qi with relish.  

After sending Li Jing and Sun Ye to their destination, Ke Yan drove Jiang Qi back to their home.

After dinner in the evening, Jiang Qi rushed to take a bath. But before he goes to the bathroom, he also called Ke Yan to go downstairs to take a bath as well.

Ke Yan laughed. He is waiting to see if he could still laugh later.

When Jiang Qi came out from the bathroom, he saw that Ke Yan had already showered and read a book in bed.

"Ke Yan….." Jiang Qi called out gently, and the whole person runs into Ke Yan’s arms.

Ke Yan holds on to Jiang Qi’s waist.

Jiang Qi reached for Ke Yan’s clothes and took it off smoothly without any resistance from him.

Once Ke Yan’s clothes were gone, Jiang Qi was nervous looking at his naked chest. After all, normally it was taken off by Ke Yan himself.

Then he kisses Ke Yan’s mouth sloppily with a hint of awkwardness. He looked up and saw Ke Yan is watching him with malicious intention writing all over his face.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Qi unconsciously asked Ke Yan.

“Nothing. Just looking at how you are going to counter-attack me.” Ke Yan answered with a smile.

Listening to Ke Yan's reply, Jiang Qi started to kiss his neck downwards in provocation.

Ke Yan put his hand on top of his head, looking at how Jiang Qi wants to do next.

Jiang Qi kisses lasted until Ke Yan’s stomach before he stops. Looking at Ke Yan’s pants, his hand hesitated before he pulls it down. Jiang Qi’s face turned red feeling utterly shy. How does he feel like a shameless bastard doing an indecent thing to a woman ah…  

No... no! How to counter-attack like this. He needs to press Ke Yan! After Jiang Qi did some cheering up, his courage became larger.

His hand started to caress Ke Yan’s body.

Jiang Qi thinks that what needs to kiss already been kissed, so now it’s time to…. Hey, hey, hey!

"You haven't taken off your clothes yet." Ke Yan saw Jiang Qi smirking foolishly by himself and had to remind him.

Jiang Qi was awkward and his face was red as he took off his clothes slowly.

Looking at Ke Yan’s eyes had been staring at him and those eyes of his clearly treated him indecently without any pretense.

Do not fail! Do not fail! The more Ke Yan’s eyes staring at him, the less confidence he had to press him. What a pressure! He really hates how his mentality was easily shaken and how the iron couldn’t change into steel at this moment.

He bowed his head and kissed Ke Yan directly.

After kissing for a while, Ke Yan saw they are still not going anywhere with Jiang Qi's pace. So, he pulled Jiang Qi’s hand towards the bottom half of the body.

Jiang Qi’s hand recoiled automatically.

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi and said, “Every time I helped you to prepare this thing. Now that you want to counter-attack, you have to make me feel comfortable first as well.”  

Thinking back, Jiang Qi also remembered his past was all taken care of by Ke Yan. Every time Ke Yan would make him feel very comfortable. But…

"What's wrong, how do you stop." Ke Yan urged Jiang Qi to start.

Jiang Qi swallowed his saliva awkwardly, and finally...

Jiang Qi suddenly fell on Ke Yan’s body and said, "I am tired tonight. I will press you down tomorrow night only ba."

“In fact, you can also do it tonight.”

Ke Yan took the lubrication and squeezed it into Jiang Qi who still lying on top of his body. Jiang Qi saw Ke Yan’s action and knew what he is going to do, immediately trying to stop him, “No! What I want is not like this.”

Nevertheless, in the end Jiang Qi can only moans along with Ke Yan's action.

“You… you bastard. You lying bastard.”

“I didn’t really lie to you. I promised you to be above pressing me. Now, look at you. You are pressing me right below you ba.”

“It shouldn’t be like this!” Jiang Qi spoke in anger.

Ke Yan accelerated his speed and Jiang Qi’s argument could no longer be heard.

“It’s comfortable right.” Ke Yan’s voice sounded from one side. Resentful, Jiang Qi pinched Ke Yan’s body in retaliation. Hateful! Why did he fail to counter-attack him just now?


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President Wife is a Man - Chapter 81

Chapter 81 - Business Trip

The next day Jiang Qi wakes up and goes to the bathroom. After washing his face, he couldn’t help but to take off his pants and see how his ass doing. He feels a little uncomfortable.

With his pants off, Jiang Qi twisted his body and looked down at his ass. Once he looked at it, he immediately regrets it. He was really depressed when he saw his behind --- how could his skin bruise so horribly like this!

Just thinking about it makes him angry. Ke Yan's hand was so heavy on him last night!!!!

Jiang Qi washes and changes his clothes indignantly. When he goes downstairs, he saw Ke Yan sitting at the dining table reading the newspaper.

“Humph!” Jiang Qi deliberately expressed his grievance loudly.

Ke Yan put down the newspaper and looked at Jiang Qi protesting against him.

"What's wrong?" Ke Yan asked.

"Nothing." Jiang Qi replied without spirit.

"Is it because your ass hurts?" Ke Yan asked after thinking about it.

"Humph! You still asked me this question after you had beaten me so hard last night." Jiang Qi rarely felt he was wronged.

“Let me see.” Ke Yan got up and wants to look at Jiang Qi’s ass.

Jiang Qi quickly escaped from Ke Yan’s claw. What do you mean by looking at it in the middle of taking breakfast huh!

“Eat faster! We still need to go to work. Today will be very busy.”

Ke Yan did not insist on Jiang Qi avoidance. After they finished their breakfast, Ke Yan and Jiang Qi went to the company together.

Jiang Qi will be on a business trip tomorrow afternoon. So today all the preparation must be done. This time, their competitors are quite powerful. Without full preparation, they might be suppressed by their opponents.

At noon, Jiang Qi returned to his office after lunch and continue his work.

Ke Yan knows today Jiang Qi probably will not come to him. First, he has too much work to be done today. Second, Jiang Qi should still have a grievance against him after he beat his ass last night.

After all, he was already so big and being spanked should make him ashamed.

Thinking about it, Ke Yan felt it was rather funny.

Rise up from his chair, Ke Yan decided to go and see if Jiang Qi is still annoyed with him.

Knock ...knock!

Jiang Qi still immersed in his work while shouting to come in.

Ke Yan stood at the door staring at him. Jiang Qi looked up and saw him. "Why do you come down."

Ke Yan closed the door and locked it together. Then he walks to Jiang Qi's side, bending over him and solved his belt.

Jiang Qi was shocked and quickly stopped what he was doing. "What are you trying to do ah?"

“Let me see whether it’s already turned green or not.”

Jiang Qi’s face turned stiff, “Humph! It’s all green already.”

"Then it is truly important for you to show it to me."

"No need to see! In fact, it was pretty good already." Jiang Qi really didn't want his pants to be taken off by Ke Yan in the office.

Ke Yan ignored Jiang Qi's resistance and skillfully took his pants off. He let Jiang Qi kneeled on the sofa.

Ke Yan looked and strokes gently on the bruised area. "It's a bit greenish. Looks like yesterday night my strength was a bit hard."

"Since you feel distressed, let me press you once."

Ke Yan suspected his ears are playing a trick on him when he heard Jiang Qi ‘s words. “Press me?”.

“Hmm. Let me do you once.” Jiang Qi nodded eagerly when he spoke.

Ke Yan who formerly suspected his ears wrong gently patted on Jiang Qi’s ass and said, “Well, wait until you come back from the trip.”

“Really?” Jiang Qi was pleasantly surprised.

“Of course. When did I ever trick you?”

“Then, it’s set!” Jiang Qi smile excitedly.

Ke Yan stayed with Jiang Qi for a while before going out. When he came out, he happened to meet with Li Jing coming back from outside. Li Jing was taken by surprise but she immediately greeted him, "President, good afternoon."

“Hmm.” Ke Yan walk away without stopping.

Li Jing looked at Jiang Qi's office and then looked at the direction in which Ke Yan left.

Jiang Qi went on a business trip the next day with Li Jing and Sun Ye.

Sun Ye is Jiang Qi subordinate.  

Jiang Qi’s business trip this time was not so smooth. First, the cooperative company wanted to cooperate with their rival company. There is still another one more thing...

Jiang Qi went back to the hotel after eating the meal and Yang Shao Yu’s phone came in. “Jiang Qi, today Ke Yan came to see me. Do you know who he brought with him?”

"Who ah?" Jiang Qi asked him carelessly while flipping through the revised cooperation document.

"Sun Nian Qing."

"Who?" Jiang Qi stopped his flipping action.

"Sun Nian Qing. You should know her ba. The newly recruited employee of the company."

“Yeah I knew. Why did she went to you there?”

“She knew Ke Yan wants to come and insisted to come along and saw me together. I think she had other ulterior motive in her mind.”  


“Of course. Do you think anyone can deceive my eyes?”

"I hang up first." Jiang Qi hangs up the phone and dialed Ke Yan’s number. "Have you taken Sun Nian Qing to see Yang Shao Yu today?"

"Yes, she said she wanted to follow me to see Shao Yu."

"Next time except for work, you should not be too close to her."

“Are you jealous?” Ke Yan felt Jiang Qi’s answer would make him feel delighted.

"Yes! I don't want you to be too close to other women." Jiang Qi simply admitted.

"Alright. I also don't like to be too close to others." Except for Jiang Qi, his parents and good friends, Ke Yan really don’t like to be too close to other people.

"Well, I will go back once I deal with everything here. It seems like the other party are not too keen to cooperate with us."

“We are not necessarily needed them to.” Jiang Qi understood what Ke Yan’s word meant.

After a few words with Ke Yan, Jiang Qi hang up the phone. He wants to solve the problem quickly and go back to press Ke Yan.

He is really excited once he thinks about Ke Yan’s promise to let him do it.


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10 Aug 2019

President Wife is a Man - Chapter 80

Chapter 80 - Jiang Qi was punished.

When Ke Yan woke up, he saw Jiang Qi was bending over at the end of the bed. He was momentarily shocked but quickly went to help Jiang Qi up. "Jiang Qi, what happened?"

"No, nothing, I want to go to the toilet."

"Are you going to the toilet and became like this?" Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi's face and found that is was a little bit wrong.

"I’m just, just a little bit of diarrhea only." Jiang Qi did not dare to look directly at Ke Yan’s eyes.

“How many barbecue’s skewers did you eat at night, and how many cold beers did you drink?” Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi’s face with a cold expression.

"Just a dozen or so barbeque skewers and I didn’t drink much of the cold beer. Maybe I had not eaten barbecue for too long, so not used to it and diarrhea." Jiang Qi answered vaguely, feeling guilty. In fact, he ate more than twenty skewers. In addition, the barbecue was hot and spicy while he drinks the cold beers in between. There’s no wonder he would be diarrhea. But all these Jiang Qi did not dare to say out loud because when Ke Yan is angry, he will definitely beat him.

"Didn’t I told you to eat less before?" Ke Yan spoke as he helps Jiang Qi to take medicine.

Jiang Qi was lying on the bed waiting for Ke Yan to take the medicine for him.

Ke Yan put two small black pills in Jiang Qi’s hand. Jiang Qi put it close to his nose and smell an unpleasant smell from the pills. He took the warm water handed by Ke Yan and swallowed the medicine into his stomach.

After eating the medicine Jiang Qi lie on the bed, thinking he finally free from having another diarrhea.

Ke Yan laid down on the bed looking at Jiang Qi who is sleepy right by his side. Then his hand stretched out and pinched Jiang Qi hard.

Originally Jiang Qi was about to sleep, but because of the pain caused by Ke Yan, he was awake. However, even when he was painful, he didn’t dare to call out. Instead, he hugged Ke Yan pitifully. Looking at him, Ke Yan’s hand stretched out and helps him rubbing the painful skin.

Jiang Qi drilled his head securely in Ke Yan’s chest.

The next day, Jiang Qi went to work after eating breakfast. In the car, Jiang Qi touched his stomach and he felt a little uncomfortable.

When he arrived at work, Jiang Qi felt even more uncomfortable. His stomach is painful. Ah, If he knew, he wouldn’t touch those barbecue and beer. His stomach has not hurt like this for a long time, but now it hurt like hell.

Jiang Qi opened the drawer looking for stomach medicine, but there’s none inside. Because his stomach had not hurt for a long time, when the last stomach medicine had been eaten, Jiang Qi did not replenish it again.

He endured his pain the whole morning and plan to buy the medicine at mealtime.

Jiang Qi bought the stomach medicine from the outside pharmacy. When he returned to the company, he was thinking about honestly treating his stomach before he saw Ke Yan at the lobby. But before he walked in, he suddenly saw a woman holding Ke Yan’s hand.

Jiang Qi frowned but he didn't think too much. But after a while, Ke Yan did not let go of the woman's hand and let her hold him. So Jiang Qi wondered, why didn't he let go?

Jiang Qi saw that they were about to enter the elevator, and he quickly went in together. When Jiang Qi entered the elevator, he saw that the woman no longer hold Ke Yan’s hand. Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan, but Ke Yan ignores him. Instead, he spoke to the woman.

Judging from the content of their conversation, this woman seems to be Sun Nian Qing that Ke Yan told him yesterday.

It seems that this time Ke Yan really wants to recruit her. If not, he will not be here talking with Sun Nian Qing.

When the elevator arrived at his department’s floor, Jiang Qi walked out of the elevator. Ke Yan and Sun Nian Qing still inside the elevator, heading to Ke Yan’s office.

Jiang Qi returned to the office with the stomach medicine in his hand. But then he found that his stomach doesn’t seem to hurt as painful as before. So, he was too lazy to take the medicine. He originally wanted to find Ke Yan, but he should not be available right now. Because of that, Jiang Qi started to work in advance.

In two days' time, Jiang Qi has to go on a business trip, so there are a lot of documents that he has to prepare. He was too preoccupied with his work until he felt the sore on his shoulder only he realized it was already late. He looked at the time and saw it was already passed at 9 o’clock and he decided to complete the rest of his work tomorrow.  

Since he already told Ke Yan earlier he would be working overtime today, Jiang Qi can only go back by himself. Jiang Qi feels hungry but he didn’t have any appetite. So he went back home, bathing and prepare to sleep without eating any meal.

Lying in bed, Jiang Qi feels like he has forgotten something. Right, since he returned home, he hasn’t said a word to Ke Yan. But, why Ke Yan didn’t ask him if he had any dinner? When he was lost in thought, Jiang Qi quickly came back and reasoned that he is not a child. So it doesn’t matter if Ke Yan does not ask him this question... it’s nothing, anyway, he is a big man! But ... but why his heart inevitably felt a little lost.

Jiang Qi’s heart is unsettled and he couldn’t sleep.

Jiang Qi didn't fall asleep, but his eyes were closed. When Ke Yan put down the documents and stared at Jiang Qi, he thought he was already asleep. He gently kissed Jiang Qi. Today, he didn't say anything to Jiang Qi. How come he went to sleep so soon tonight.

Jiang Qi is brewing his mood to sleep when he was suddenly kissed by Ke Yan. His heartbeats quicken and the irritability he felt calmed down. Then he started to feel sleepy.

It is a pity that Jiang Qi didn't sleep for a long time and he woke up again. His stomach hurts badly. Jiang Qi a bit regrets he forgo the meal earlier. Look at this outcome he had invited himself! It hurts like hell. And he didn’t even bring back the stomach medicine he bought at lunch nor that he know if there was any at home.

He acted cautiously without turning on the light and rummaged through the bedside drawer with the help from his phone flashlight, looking for medicine.

Ke Yan was awakened by Jiang Qi. He immediately turns on the lights and saw Jiang Qi’s pale face rummaging through the drawer looking for something.

“What’s wrong?” Ke Yan quickly supported Jiang Qi.

“My stomach hurt.”

Ke Yan frowned when he heard Jiang Qi is having a stomachache. "Why your stomach suddenly hurts?" Jiang Qi’s stomach hasn’t been hurt for a long time and Ke Yan thought that his stomach was much better.

"Maybe because I ate a lot of spicy food." Jiang Qi answered subconsciously, and then he realized he had unwittingly told the truth.

Looks like he had slackened on his ‘education’ leading to this sudden disobedience.

Ke Yan waited until Jiang Qi took the medicine and gave him a cup of warm water. Then he let Jiang Qi lean on him while helping him to rub his stomach.

Ke Yan’s hand very warm. With him rubbing his stomach, every stroke soothe him from the pain. After a while, Jiang Qi’s pain subsided and he groaned comfortably.

After another round of rubbing, Ke Yan asked him, “How?”

Jiang Qi nodded. "Hmm, much better. It doesn't hurt anymore."

"Is it?" Ke Yan’s tone suddenly soften.

Jiang Qi’s neck immediately shrink in fear. Looks like Ke Yan is angry. Jiang Qi had no idea how to get out from this fire.

Suddenly Ke Yan turned Jiang Qi’s body over his thigh.

With Ke Yan cold eyes staring at him, Jiang Qi stop  struggling and his pants were pulled down in a second. Next, a round of slap ringing in Jiang Qi’s ears.

Jiang Qi was stunned by the beating and wanted to break away from Ke Yan. Looking at him struggling to get away, Ke Yan beat him heavily another two times making Jiang Qi’s ass reddened. Jiang Qi was truly aggrieved and feel deeply wronged by Ke Yan.  

“Ke Yan, you jerk! Let me go!”

Ke Yan listened to his swearing and beat him a few more times. "Say! How many barbecues have you eaten? Was it spicy huh? And after eating spicy, you still dare to drink cold beer?"

Jiang Qi keeping mum against Ke Yan’s question. Since he failed to struggle from being beaten, he pretended as a dead fish on Ke Yan’s thigh. He doesn't want to talk to Ke Yan! How dare him to beat his ass.

"How? Still don't want to speak?" Knowing that his own stomach is not good but still ignore own body condition and did not cherish his health. Ke Yan has not been so angry at Jiang Qi for so long. Suddenly he thought of something and asked, "Did you already start hurting during the day? Did you eat dinner?"

Jiang Qi’s grievance was instantly peaked and he was rude when he shouted to Ke Yan, “You jerk! I wanted to tell you earlier at work but you were busy courting beauty. Doesn't even spare me a glance.”

Ke Yan was surprised. Where did the beauty came out from? Then, he remembers.

He felt amused by Jiang Qi’s thoughts and helps him to get up. He saw Jiang Qi’s eyes reddened and remembered he seems to start heavy on him a while ago. Suddenly he felt a little distressed for him. How could he beat him so strongly just now.

Kissing Jiang Qi, Ke Yan gently coax him back. “I’m beating you because I am afraid you will take your body as a joke next time and you would hurt yourself again. Alright, I knew I started heavy on you just now. Let you hit me back, okay.”

Jiang Qi moves his ass awkwardly. “You jerk! You hit me so hard.”

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi's ass. It’s red. He couldn't help but chuckle. "It's really red."

Jiang Qi was irritated by Ke Yan’s laughter. He push Ke Yan down on the bed and pinched his hand resentfully.

Ke Yan laughed even louder even though he was pinched by Jiang Qi. “Well alright. Next time do you dare to do it again?”

"Humph." Jiang Qi snorted and whispered, "Don't dare."

Ke Yan heard his answer with satisfaction and help Jiang Qi to put back his pants.

Jiang Qi’s face wrinkled in Ke Yan's arms. His ass hurts!


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27 Jul 2019

President Wife is a Man - Chapter 79

Chapter 79 - Diarrhea

Because a colleague has recently become ill, Lin Zi Rui has changed his shift with him. That’s why recently, Lin Zi Rui has been working on the night shifts.

With his hand casually put in the pocket, he lingers just outside of Yang Shao Yu’s ward. He was considering whether he should go inside and take a look. In fact, he just wants to see him as a normal friend would. Furthermore, he is still a doctor. But, he doesn't know why, but... why is he feeling so restless?

Taking a deep breath, he opens the door and he was completely shocked. What did he just saw?

He saw Yang Shao Yu taking his ‘bird’ for a stroll…

Lin Zi Rui standing foolishly looking at Yang Shao Yu's ‘bird’, and cannot return to reality for a very long time.

Yang Shao Yu was shocked by the sudden intrusion. Who ah! Don’t know how to knock on the door. But, looking at Lin Zi Rui frozen stiff by the door, Yang Shao Yu’s annoyance subsided and he pulled the quilt over his thing and called out to him, "Lin Zi Rui?"

"En?" Lin Zi Rui automatically replied and then he finally wakes up. He coughed up awkwardly and quickly closed the door behind him. "What are you doing?"

"Today the urinary tube was pulled out and the urine could not come out." Yang Shao Yu waited the entire afternoon and when he finally took off his pants preparing to pee, Lin Zi Rui came in.

"Oh, this is normal. If you can't pee, you should rub your stomach frequently. As you do it often, you’ll be able to pee in no time."

"En, then I will try it again."

"Then, I went out first." Lin Zi Rui turned and went out. When he closed the door, he thought about it and it seems like he had forgotten to knock on the door before, but ….. Yang Shao Yu’s thing seemed to be bigger than him!

Lin Zi Rui’s face blushed red. He silently cursed at his own wayward mind.

The next day, Jiang Qi took a pot of soup to visit Yang Shao Yu. But this time it was not done by his own hand, instead, it was cooked by Aunt Li. Just outside the ward of Yang Shao Yu, he saw the doctor who gave Yang Shao Yu the surgery. He smiled and greets Lin Zi Rui, and then both of them went into the ward together. Jiang Qi put the soup on the table. "You must remember to drink it. Aunt Li cooked it for you.”

"Fortunately, it is not what you have done." Yang Shao Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

"Actually, my soup is also very good to drink." Jiang Qi didn’t forget to boast himself and then left quick words before he walked away. "Don't want to chat with you. There is no parking space in the hospital and Ke Yan is waiting for me by the roadside." Then he just went away swiftly.

Yang Shao Yu smiled happily. Looks like today his mouth has a good fortune.

Lin Zi Rui looked at the back of Jiang Qi’s departure. This person… he knew that he was a friend of Yang Shao Yu. Lin Zi Rui felt a familiar breath in Jiang Qi. Is Jiang Qi also like him?

Jiang Qi returned to the car and found that Ke Yan was looking at the documents. Jiang Qi curiously asked, "Are you still working? The office hour has already ended."

"It's not working. The company wants to find someone. It was originally Shao Yu who is going to talk to her. But now, I can only go myself."

"It's really rare. What kind of people can make you so serious." Jiang Qi joked.

“It’s not serious, it’s just part of the job. These several years, all my seriousness has been invested in your body.” This sentence from Ke Yan succeeded in making Jiang Qi froze. He looks at Ke Yan and saw him smiling brilliantly at him. His heartbeats peng - peng - peng nearly jumping out of his chest.

Then Ke Yan continued to explain to him, “This person Sun Nian Qing just returned from UK after finishing her studies. She has strength, a talented mind and several other companies like Ke Group also preparing to recruit her.”

"So powerful?" Jiang Qi was surprised.

"Well, a rare talent." To recruit a person, her family's situation must be investigated clearly.

Jiang Qi nodded and did not pursue further about this topic. Instead, he said to Ke Yan, "I want to buy a car. Since I already had my driver's license, it is wasted if I don’t get a car."

"Then will you drive to work by yourself in the morning?"

"En. And next time when you are out on a business trip, I can drive by myself to work."

"Then in the future, after I go on a business trip, you can drive the car yourself. Other times when I’m around, you still sit in my car to work." Ke Yan still prefers having Jiang Qi in the same car with him every day going to work.


"There is no reason." Even if Ke Yan refuses to say, Jiang Qi also knows what he had in mind. In fact, Jiang Qi also feels that it is not bad going to work with Ke Yan. In the morning, in Ke Yan’s car, he can be lazy for a while. If they are stuck in traffic, he can still sleep for a moment without worries.

"Then let’s do that." Jiang Qi said to Ke Yan.

"We’ve arrived." Ke Yan stopped the car after he spoke.

"Drive carefully when going home later." Jiang Qi said goodbye to Ke Yan.

Today, Jiang Qi’s department came two newcomers. So, in order to welcome their new co-workers, everyone agreed to come out for a good meal. And the location they have chosen is the barbecue restaurant.

“Don’t eat too much or your body would suffer the heat later. Drink less alcohol as well.” Ke Yan didn’t forget to remind Jiang Qi before he goes.

Jiang Qi nodded and went immediately inside. He reckoned that he was already late for their gathering.

His eyes roaming everywhere in the barbecue shop looking for his group of people. This barbecue shop is quite big, so even a large group of people sitting in the store is still difficult to find. But, dozens of people are still eye-catching and Jiang Qi immediately found them after a while.

Jiang Qi walked over and found they already ordered the food. When everyone saw Jiang Qi came, they accused Jiang Qi of being late. Jiang Qi can only smile and excused himself. "Sorry, traffic jam on the road."

Xiao An took the menu and handed it to Jiang Qi, "Do you want to order more."

Jiang Qi picked up the menu but he did not see it. He just shook his head saying no need. He is not picky about eating and all that they had ordered he could just eat it.

But Jiang Qi soon found that everyone loves to eat spicy food. The sauce on the barbecue is heavy and spicy.

However, Jiang Qi ate everything with a good appetite and in the end, he has eaten more than a dozen skewers.

"Manager, don't just eat barbecue, drink some beer also." Chang Qing Han one of Jiang Qi’s department member shouted.

Jiang Qi listened and did not tangle and took a big swing of the drink in one breath.

When everyone saw Jiang Qi drank, they also added more to his cup and toast the drink together.

Jiang Qi usually is not too strict at work and he is a very good leader. So everyone is not afraid of him. But if someone makes a mistake in their work, Jiang Qi can completely change into a whole new person.

Under everyone's persuasion, Jiang Qi couldn't help but drink a few more cups. The ice-cold beer with the spicy and delicious barbecue, made Jiang Qi forget his promise to Ke Yan. Not only he drinks a lot of alcohol, he even ate lots of spicy barbecues skewers.

At the end of their meal, Jiang Qi felt a bit sore in the stomach. When he went out of the barbecue shop, the night wind blew over and Jiang Qi felt his head had a dull pain. He was slowly awakened and his nose smell of his clothes, full of alcohol and barbecue flavor. The smell is really bad.

Jiang Qi did not dare to see Ke Yan in this way. When he got home, Jiang Qi took out the key and opened the door himself.

There is also a bathroom downstairs in the house. They both usually bath in the adjoining bathroom in the bedroom, but today Jiang Qi did not dare to show up in front of Ke Yan in this condition. So, he took a shower downstairs and threw dirty clothes in the bathroom’s laundry basket before he wrapped himself up in a bathrobe before going upstairs.

Ke Yan hasn't slept yet at this time. When Jiang Qi entered the room, Ke Yan was still reading on the bed. Ke Yan looked up and saw Jiang Qi already taken a shower. "How come you didn’t use our bathroom upstairs to bath?"

"Oh, hmm, because my whole body is full of barbecue smell, so I just washed it downstairs." Jiang Qi is a little nervous as he replied to Ke Yan.

"En." Ke Yan did not ask again.

Jiang Qi breathed a sigh of relief and sneaked to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He needs to brush off the taste of the barbecue and alcohol in his mouth.

Jiang Qi finished brushing his teeth and came out of the bathroom. Ke Yan put down the book, preparing to sleep with him. Jiang Qi climbed into the bed and Ke Yan pulled Jiang Qi to lie down in his arms. Originally he wanted to turn off the light to sleep, but then he saw Jiang Qi red and swollen lips.

It’s just like the time when Ke Yan usually kisses him.

Ke Yan naturally would not suspect that Jiang Qi would kiss other people, so he touched Jiang Qi's lips and asked. "How are your lips so red, are you eating a lot of spicy things?"

"No, no, no, absolutely not." Jiang Qi shook his head and denied it.

Jiang Qi relaxed and nested in Ke Yan's arms. And soon he was sleepy.

In the middle of the night, Jiang Qi woke up with a stomachache. Ah, his stomach hurts, it seems like he needs toilet right away.

Jiang Qi slowly came out of Ke Yan's arms and got up from the bed. He silently walked into the toilet afraid of waking up Ke Yan this late at night.

Originally, Ke Yan was not awakened by Jiang Qi. But because Jiang Qi repeatedly from the toilet to the bed, from the bed to the toilet, even if the action is light, Ke Yan was also woken up.

As a result, Jiang Qi is finished!!!!


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21 Jul 2019

President Wife is a Man - Chapter 78

Chapter 78 - Between Character and Heart

After searching for recipes on the mobile phone, Jiang Qi went to the supermarket and bought all the ingredients needed. Then, he quickly went home and rushed to the kitchen to prepare the soup.

Jiang Qi washes cleanly the bean sprout and mushroom he bought. Then he took a whole chicken and put it on the cutting board. The knife fell two times on the chicken, blindly cutting the chicken apart. It should be alright as long as the chicken was cut apart. Anyway, Aunt Li also cut the chicken like that.  

Jiang Qi works hard to cut the chicken. In the end, it was rare he even had a common sense not to put the chicken buttocks inside the soup to boil together.

After the cut, he washes the chicken first, then drains the water.

Next, Jiang Qi looked at the recipe and he should put the lard in the pot to heat it.

Pork lard? Is there such a thing at home? What is it like? Jiang Qi turned over the cabinet looking for it.

It should be alright if I just use the cooking oil. Jiang Qi who cannot find the lard decided to substitute it with cooking oil.

Then he pours the oil inside the pot and waits for it to heat up. After, he pours the soy sauce into the heated oil.

Once again he looks at the recipe. He needs to put the chicken inside the pot to boil.

When the chicken almost cooks, he put the bean sprout and mushroom into the pot. Finally, he added some seasoning, salt, MSG, pepper and sesame oil.  

Because Yang Shao Yu cannot eat food cooked with cooking wine, Jiang Qi just skips that part of the recipe.

Looking at the boiling pot, Jiang Qi felt pretty confident in his first try of the recipe. His cooking seems not too bad ba.

Before he completely turns off the fire, Jiang Qi also tried to taste his own cooking. Not bad, it seems to be quite good to drink!

He poured the mushroom chicken soup into the heat preservation pot and quickly went out without cleaning up the kitchen. He already counted at the times and Ke Yan should be waiting for him outside.

Sure enough, when Jiang Qi walked out of the house he saw Ke Yan already waiting in the car. He opened the door and sit next to Ke Yan. The first thing Jiang Qi did was inviting Ke Yan to try his soup.

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi in a complicated way. "I don't want to eat. Just leave it to Shao Yu to eat later."

"You can rest assured. My cooking this time really not bad. I have tasted it just now."

“Really? Then your cooking skill had finally improved.”

Jiang Qi accepted Ke Yan’s praise with pleasure.

When they arrived at the hospital, Jiang Qi gave the soup to Yang Shao Yu and sat next to the bed, watching Yang Shao Yu full of expectation.

Yang Shao Yu took a sip of the soup with vigor. But... how come this soup taste weird. It doesn't feel like what Aunt Li would do. He took another sip and the taste remains the same... weird. Then he discovered Jiang Qi was looking at him with an expectation. It shouldn’t be cooked by Jiang Qi ba. Looking back at the bowl of soup in his hand...no wonder it was so difficult to drink!

Just as he wanted to say that it is difficult to drink, Ke Yan took the bowl in his hand and added another big spoon of soup. Then he said to Jiang Qi, "It seems that Shao Yu really likes the soup."

Yang Shao Yu looking at the bowl silently and pretended to be sleepy. "I am a little sleepy. I will sleep first and drink the soup later. You both go back first ba."

"Oh, then you have to drink finish. If you want to drink the soup again, call me." Jiang Qi enthusiastically spoke to Yang Shao Yu.

When Jiang Qi left, Yang Shao Yu quickly dumped the soup back into the pot.

Lin Zi Rui came in just as he finished sealing off the soup.

“Are you working on the night shift?” Yang Shao Yu asked.

"Well, these days I have night shifts." Lin Zi Rui nodded. Then he saw the soup on Yang Shao Yu's table and asked, "Do you want to drink soup, I will help you to pour it out."

Yang Shao Yu looked at Lin Zi Rui's slender figure and said, "You come over and pour a bowl."

Lin Zi Rui poured a bowl of soup to Yang Shao Yu. Yang Shao Yu took a spoonful of soup and sent it to Lin Zi Rui's mouth. Lin Zi Rui was surprised at first and then his face quickly turned red. He looked at Yang Shao Yu and found that he had no extra expression on his face. It seems that he just casually let him taste the soup. Lin Zi Rui’s expression was slightly down as he looked at Yang Shao Yu. Then he took a sip of the soup and think it was not bad.

"How?" Yang Shao Yu asked.

"The taste is not bad." Lin Zi Rui answered honestly.

It was not bad? Yang Shao Yu looked at Lin Zi Rui strangely. It seems like he also had a weird tongue.

Yang Shao Yu gave the whole pot of soup to Lin Zi Rui, "I’ll give you to drink. You’re so thin, so drink more soup to make up your body.”

Lin Zi Rui went out from Yang Shao Yu’s ward with a blush. Originally he is not hungry. But since it was given to him, then he won’t be polite ba.

In fact, Lin Zi Rui’s character has always been like this. Outside he looks calm but all of those were just his disguise to his real personality.  

"Hmm, is that Xue Cheng your former classmate?" In the car, Ke Yan suddenly asked Jiang Qi a question.

"Yeah, what happened?" Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan.

“Previously he came to seek for cooperation but at that time I didn’t promise him. But today he showed me his planning proposal and I think it was quite good.”

“How come you suddenly interested to cooperate with him? Before you didn’t even wanted to see him, right?”

“He is President Lin of Lin Bai Group son in law.”

Lin Bai Group have two founder. One is surnamed Lin and the other surnamed Bai. Both of them had the same stake in the group and thus share the same power.

This time the other half of Xue Cheng’s marriage partner is Lin’s daughter Lin Yin Yin. Originally, President Lin don’t agree for his daughter to marry Xue Cheng. He hopes that Lin Yin Yin could marry a man who can support her career. But, Lin Yin Yin was suddenly pregnant with Xue Cheng’s child at this time. Because of that, his wife urged him to let both of them have their wedding ceremony before her daughter’s stomach gets much bigger. This is why President Lin previous disagreement had suddenly come to naught.

Xue Cheng was holding his breath for this unexpected occurrence. He was afraid President Lin would disregard the child and ask Lin Yin Yin to knock the children off. Fortunately, he didn’t.  

This time Xue Cheng’s status in the company has risen and many people come to seek association with him.

However, Xue Cheng is not stupid. He knows that he should make President Lin to be completely satisfied with him. So, a cooperation with Ke Yan must be won. That’s why he had discussed with President Lin and asked him to help pave the way for him. With President Lin personal call, Xue Cheng finally got a chance to see Ke Yan in the name of sending his wedding invitation.

Originally it is impossible to ask President Lin to bow down and call Ke Yan personally. But now Xue Cheng is his son in law. If he succeeded in tying a cooperation with Ke Yan, he will also had a lot of face to see others.

When Ke Yan received a phone call from President Lin, he agreed to meet with Xue Cheng.

However, after talking to Xue Cheng and saw his proposal, Ke Yan believed it was good to cooperate.Besides, Xue Cheng’s strength is quite good.

Even though he was satisfied, he still told him he would consider his proposal first.

Because Ke Yan said that he would consider a cooperation with him, Xue Cheng's mood was ecstatic.

Finally, before he concluded their meeting, he gave Ke Yan the invitation. "This is my wedding invitation. I hope you can come to participate on that day."

Ke Yan took the wedding invitation but with no intention to go, but Xue Cheng might be a little bit excited, so his mouth unconsciously became loose, "My former classmates also worked in the Ke Group. He will also attend my wedding this time. If you go, you might run into him and can gather together to chat."

Ke Yan knows that Jiang Qi and Xue Cheng used to be classmates. Jiang Qi had told him about it before. So, Ke Yan thought was... will Jiang Qi wants him to go there together?

Xue Cheng went back and Ke Yan put the wedding invitation aside. He decided to ask Jiang Qi about it later.

"I forgot to tell you. I originally wanted to go by myself. Don’t you dislike to participate in this type of celebration?" Jiang Qi said.

"I am going with you. I'm afraid you'll be drinking too much." Ke Yan stop at the red lights and looked at Jiang Qi endearingly. Jiang Qi smiled softly and said, "Then we will go together." In fact, Jiang Qi also hopes to go with Ke Yan. Just because he knows that Ke Yan does not like to go to such a place that he never ask him.

In fact, not that Ke Yan want to go, but he did not want Jiang Qi to go alone.

The two men had different thoughts but they agree on one point. Their thoughts were on each other's body.

Even when something was not in line with their respective characters, but they sincerely put their hearts out towards accommodating and complimenting each other.  


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