12 Feb 2019

President Wife is A Man - Chapter 54.2

Chapter 54 Part 2 - Rain

At noon, Jiang Qi sneaked into Ke Yan's office when everyone went out for lunch.

As their meal almost over, Yang Shao Yu came in with a document:  " Ke Yan, the CEO of Changfu Group came back today and we have to discuss about the contract with him tonight."

“ Okay, do the necessary preparation.”

“ Alright.”

Yang Shao Yu was about to go out when he was suddenly blinded by their public display of affection. Looking at both of the dogs contributed free food together,Yang Shao Yu felt like he's going to vomit blood. These two people, can't you stop blinding my eyes with your dog food when I'm around. You're abusing my poor little heart, okay!   

“ Later you go back first by yourself, okay.” Ke Yan told Jiang Qi while playing with his hands.

“ En, alright. " Because Jiang Qi didn't sleep enough last night, plus they had just finished the meal, Jiang Qi felt a little bit sleepy.

Ke Yan embrace Jiang Qi in his arms and laid on the sofa together. Since the sofa bigger than ordinary sofa, so with both of them together, it does not feel crowded.

Because Jiang Qi was already sleepy before, his eyes could barely open. With Ke Yan taking him into his arms, Jiang Qi of course could no longer stand and directly entered the dreamland.

Originally Ke Yan wanted to wait for Jiang Qi to fall asleep and start to work again, but in the end even he couldn't help but to fall asleep as well.

When Jiang Qi finally woke up, Ke Yan has already back to work for a while. Jiang Qi touch the empty space next to him and felt it was already cold. Obviously, Ke Yan has woken up for quite some time.

Jiang Qi sat up and found that his body had been covered with a blanket and his clothes had been taken off. Unconsciously his hand goes to the corners of his mouth. Oh, fortunately he was not drooling.

He looked at Ke Yan hard at work and asked: "Ke Yan, what time is it."

Ke Yan looked up and saw that Jiang Qi had awakened. He went over and push him gently back to lie down again. “ Continue to sleep for a while, okay.”

“ What is the time now?”

“ Don’t worry, there is still ample time before lunch end.”

“ Well then I’ll sleep again. Once time is up, remember to wake me up okay.”

“ Alright, come on continue to sleep.”

Jiang Qi once again lie down to sleep.

Ke Yan watch Jiang Qi continue to sleep and caress his face lovingly. Jiang Qi certainly didn't realize how cute he was in Ke Yan’s eyes when he just woke up and speak with that mellow voice.

Ke Yan went back to his desk to continue his works. He glance at the time and it was already more than three o'clock.

When Jiang Qi woke up once again, his spirit was already very good. He watch Ke Yan as he gave him water. He slept really well just now, and it feel like he was sleeping for quite a while? Is the lunch hour still have not ended yet?

After drinking the water from Ke Yan, Jiang Qi started to put on his clothes. Afterwards, he took out his mobile phone and looked at the time. Ah, it’s already more than 4 o'clock.

More than 4 o'clock? Jiang Qi was stunned and couldn’t help but to look at it once again. It’s really more than 4 o'clock ah!!

Jiang Qi glared at Ke Yan and said, “ The lunch hour has gone a long, long time ago and it’s nearly time to go back!”

“Alright don’t be angry. Just late a little bit only.”

“ What do you mean by a little bit ONLY! Well doesn’t matter. I’m going down now.”

Jiang Qi tidied up his appearance and went out of Ke Yan’s office in a hurry. He failed to notice Ke Yan’s eyes looking at him from behind with a petting smile.

In the evening, Jiang Qi went home alone because Ke Yan was not available. Looking at the heavy rain outside, Jiang Qi took an umbrella from the bottom drawer of his desk.

Fortunately he bought an umbrella and put it in his office to prepare for unexpected circumstances before.

Everywhere can be seen people holding an umbrella waiting for transportation by the roadside. The wind blew with the coming rain and even people holding an umbrella was drenched in an embarrassing way.

At the taxi stand, the crowd was unusually packed. Probably due to the heavy rain, no matter people who live nearby or at the distance, all choose to take taxi to go home. Looking at the sky and looking at the crowded taxi stand, Jiang Qi make a decisive decision and went to the bus station instead.

Even though the bus station is not far from the company, but there is also a walking distance. Jiang Qi is holding the umbrella walking slowly towards the bus station when he saw an old lady standing alone outside the flower shop in the heavy rain without an umbrella.

At first Jiang Qi tried to ignore the old lady but the more he look the more sympathetic he became. Finally he couldn’t help but walking towards her and asked: “ Excuse me madam, are you okay.”

The old lady looked at Jiang Qi and answered: "I am waiting for someone.”

" The rain is so heavy, it’s better for you to wait in a drier place."

" No, later he cannot see me."

" But like this, maybe you’ll end up getting sick." Jiang Qi tried to persuade her again, seeing that she being stubborn.

The old lady shakes his head, failed to be persuaded by Jiang Qi. Looking at the stubborn old lady, Jiang Qi pushed the umbrella directly to her hand and said, “ This umbrella is for you.”

After that Jiang Qi ran. Where did he ran to? Of course he was running to the station.

Looking at Jiang Qi running at the distance, the old lady took her mobile phone out from her pocket and the phone showed that it was actually in on call state.

When Jiang Qi reached home, he had already going through a lot of wind and was drenched by a lot of rain. So he quickly went to take a bath.


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